— Anonymous: wait, your parents are letting you go on a trip with a dude who just asked you out on a date? i wish my parents were like these omg

NO, OF COURSE NOT, MY MOM TREATS ME LIKE A PURE FLOWER! But… I am on winter break and I’m going to one of the coldest places in my State to eat and spend money with my aunt, uncle and cousin, and they decided to call Lucas (that’s the guys’ name), who’s my cousin’s best friend, to come along. And as they trust my aunt enough to let me on a date when I’m just with her, they’re letting me go with :)

— Anonymous: You're reading it

well i’m not enjoying it but it got better now

"All I knew was that I needed to break Hemmings heart within the next four weeks."


The new Maze Runner trailer will be here tomorrow! Keep checking Yahoo Movies and themazerunnermovie.com for online exclusive posters!

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— Anonymous: Ah babe!!! That's so good!!! The other day I had my first kiss with my step brothers best friend oops (he's in my year) x

AHHHHHH CONGRATULIATIONS <3 I hope it was decent and hopefully my date will be too :)